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Recent content by emil

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    AnyTone AT-5888UV VHF/UHF Mobile Review

    ====== thanx, moleculo... i've just been enlightened about anytone's at-5888uv crossband repeat limitations... currently i am using it as a crossband repeater triggering it either in vhf or uhf modes... i am very contented with it's performance... i recommend the radio to all you hams who would...
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    AnyTone AT-5888UV VHF/UHF Mobile Review

    i tried the cross-band repeat function of my anytone at-588uv but there is no TRANSMIT? did i do anything wrong or is there problem with my unit? another thing, i seem to have it stuck in the 220mhz on the left band... how can i make it return to 2 meters? i hope i can receive your answer...