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    Palomar 300 ? 4 x 1446's

    just replace the out put caps to metal clad..
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    Realistic TRC-458 Clarifier mod info.

    build your own voltage regulator for THAT circuit using a lm 7808 with a 330 ohm resistor inseries to the ground TO the regulator.. adjust all corresponding viaractor variable capt to center 12 oclock. if need be, use a 10-15 choke in series with the cathode to further your center postition.
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    Cobra 148 GTL power issue

    there is (by the transformer) another (glass looking) diode next to it.. replace it.
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    Just some nutsy "unrelated" thoughts.....

    its hot and miss, depending on the doctors pay from the pharma cartel insurance companies.. Philippians 4:13 kjv.
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    4558 op amp

    please explain "in detail" thanks.
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    4558 op amp

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    4558 op amp

    try mouser.
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    Expo 100 channel kit Or Modify PLL and switches?

    i always use a xtal and put it on a relay next to the original socket with the shortest leads and with a 5-50pf trimmer. switch it with a (installed 8 volt regulator and relay-on a switch.
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    28 volts pills

    10x better than motorola.. and you can drive them.. thanx.
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    Astatic 575M-6 mic wiring question?

    shield and blue ALWAYS go together..
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    Swr and rain?

    yes, it matters.. up to depending on the gp area to 2 points.
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    Older Connex 3300HP-ZX mod identification?

    one is an audio amp, the other is am regulator
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    galaxy dx 33 hp2 problems

    check the 4 bit adders.
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    President washington

    could be dirty switches, or, never done right, or, what they wanted. is it a 858 or a 8719.
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    28 volts pills

    use metal clad caps on the output xformer... start with 800-1000 pf.