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    CB FM Mode

    The problem with FM in CB's or 10 meter radios is that the Squelch is AGC actuated, unlike a true FM radio which uses high frequency noise actuated Squelch, to go "Full Quieting" to open the Squelch. An FM detector (descriminator or other) generates "random" white noise when there is no signal...
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    Cobra 2000 GTL DeBunking

    Pin 11 - Grounding this drops you 320kc (or 32 channels from whatever Pin 10 is set to. If Pin 10 is high (normally open or floating) then Ch 15 becomes 26.815 MHz, or If Pin 10 is low (grounded) then Ch 15 becomes 27.455 MHz Pin 10 - Normally open or floating (pulled high with internal...
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    Uniden FM mode CB Radios

    Most likely Euro multi Country versions, like UK or DE
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    GE Mobile replacement channel display

    Older Cybernet radios (G.E./Midland/Lafayette) used Common Cathode LED channel displays, where Uniden/Cobra/RCI/ etc... use Common Anode.
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    President Richard Export (Cobra 148GTL DX) - need a tuning can

    I din'do nuffin'. I din'see nuffin'. Or was that "I know nothing!" "I see nothing!" (Schultz)
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    Ranger made radios RT1 invasion

    Schematic says FM Power Adj W4
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    President Richard Export (Cobra 148GTL DX) - need a tuning can

    I concur with LC above. That's what I have always done with a broken tuning slug. Desolder the can, remove from the bottom, flip the slug.
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    Ranger AR 3500 100w help

    I just noticed that there is an error in the schematic. These are the Negative Feedback Loop components, that limits the gain of the circuit. They SHOULD be from Collector to Base, not as originally drawn (Collector to Collector ?? ). Here is a corrected version. 15 Ohms seems a tad bit low...
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    Ranger AR 3500 100w help

    https://cbtricks.com/radios/clear_channel_corp/ar3300/graphics/clear_channel_ranger_ar3300_sm.pdf Page 24 of 25 has the schematic for the amplifier on back. The 3300 and 3500 used the same amp if it was the high power model.
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    Ranger AR-3500 Receive Issue

    1.png is a 3pf NPO. The Underbar under the number indicates read orientation, this side down. The black top marking on the brown ceramic capacitor (usually under 100pf) indicates it is an NPO (Negative Positive Zero) Meaning its Temp Co is 0 ppm/°C at room temperature. Thus it is suitable for...
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    CB FM Mode

    The lowest frequency that a modified (with switches) Cobra 2000 or 148/Grant XL MB8719 chassis will go down to is 26.815, or 320kc down from Ch 15 (27.135). Unless the offset crystal (11.325) is changed. See Page 3 of 4...
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    Connecting New Antenna to Old Radio

    Oops, I thought that was an F connector. Could get an F Female to SMA adaptor from eBay or Amazon, I got a set of these from Amazon for my Nano-VNA (Vector Network Analyzer and Tiny-SA (Spectrum Analyzer) kits.
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    Connecting New Antenna to Old Radio

    That is an F (75 Ohms impedance coaxial) to 300 Ohms impedance (twinlead) transformer, to use coaxial cable to the antenna instead of twinlead. The MLA "box" has F connectors on it, so should work fine.
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    Connecting New Antenna to Old Radio

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    Older Texas Star D.C. 350 ssb delay

    You are welcome.