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    Magnum S680 29.090mhz only

    He probably meant 1 µH instead of 1 mH.
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    Schematic for Uniden 980SSB cb

    https://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/new-president-mckinley-ssb-radio.226877/post-660802 I posted the same manual from a different source a few years ago.
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    Schematic for Uniden 980SSB cb

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    Export Cb radio power plug upgrade

    The Cobra Plus series used the center pin for memory retention. Like cobra 29 Plus.
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    Cobra 25LTD Classic 10 meter mod?

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    PLL Question

    The board that was hooked to the mic line and has a relay, looks like a Roger Beep board.
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    Cobra 29 ltd modulation light mod

    The video does, but the one in the old Cobra 29 shouldn't, it has an RF sniffer with a 5pf cap sampling RF output on TX, to "turn on" TR23 that turns on the Mod lamp. Modulation positive peaks increase the voltage feeding the mod lamp, thereby brightening it. No RF, no light.
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    Cobra 29 ltd modulation light mod

    The old 29 - 23 Channel radio had the Mod light, the 29GTL and 29LTD and newer did not. It would be an easy mod to add a Mod light circuit to any radio. Just would need to figure where to mount the light. Parallel with the Meter light? Or change from bulb to LED??
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    WTB: Original Motorola MRF477 transistor

    HR2510/Lincoln/HR2600 President Jackson, maybe others
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    PC78LTX FM CB Radio

    Me thinks maybe Weather Band optional.
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    PC78LTX FM CB Radio

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    SBE Console V "speech spander" problem.

    You forgot to put the Emitter voltage in your original post. What are you getting there? Broken trace at R7 (22) or Emitter of Q1 (2SC710)? Sounds like the Emitter is not being pulled down, and the Base is "following" this voltage trend. If Q1 were testing bad, you could substitute a...
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    Texas star dx 350 hdv staying keyed up after transmission.

    When you change the jumper length, that changes the phase between the Final and the amp. This sometimes causes the amp (and Final) to go into self oscillation. Sometimes simple things like jumper length can make or break a system.
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    Texas star dx 350 hdv staying keyed up after transmission.

    Change jumper length between radio and amplifier.