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    Base Imax Antenna current distribution with and without capacitor

    Skyport, I didn't put radials on those models. I'm pretty sure I did at one point just for testing purposes, but I don't recall the results, which generally means that they are underwhelming as if there was a huge difference somewhere I would definitely remember them. Homer, we are on a...
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    what is your vswr at the antenna?

    To start with, with all due respect, in the context of your post, that was on topic... But to answer the rest... When an RF signal travels up a feed line, unless a certain condition is met, impedance and reactance (typically shortened to the variables R and X) change as well. At distances of...
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    what is your vswr at the antenna?

    So you think that just because a company put it out that it is absolutely true and must not be questioned? When studying the Astroplane patent, an antenna patent that was held by the very same company, several of us have demonstrated several things mentioned in said patent were objectively...
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    Need Coax advice for mobile antenna

    Oh boy... This is a topic that has been known to cause many... heated discussions... yea, I'll leave it at that. The one and only correct length for coax in an antenna setup is the length it needs to get from the antenna to the radio. I will generally add an extra foot or two to make...
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    Solarcon MAX OPTIMZER The Ultimate 10-11 Meter Base Antenna

    If you go to youtube itself to watch this video, I put in a rather lengthy description of what was happening with the various parts, and how they were working together. The DB
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    Let's Pick The Nits on the % Wave Claim on some Verticals

    They are electrically 1/4 wavelength. The entire antenna is essentially a loading coil, which lengthens the 4, 5, or whatever foot length the antenna is to 1/4 wavelength. They only get off calling it 5/8 because they design it to use a physical 5/8 length of wire. If these antennas were...
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    Solarcon MAX OPTIMZER The Ultimate 10-11 Meter Base Antenna

    The context of my post had nothing to do with how useful or not the ground plane kit was, it was commenting on weather or not the antenna met the advertised claim of being a "balanced antenna". Therefore, at best your reply is out of context. Speaking to it anyway... As you have a rather...
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    Mobile 102 Inch Whip w/spring

    I hadn't really considered the voltage on a capacitor changing with the changes in dielectric thickness. When it comes to the effect of inductance and capacitance, my knowledge comes more from studying their effects on the antenna directly rather than working with the devices themselves. As...
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    Mobile 102 Inch Whip w/spring

    A few notes on brandon7861 and SuperLid's conversation. Starting with Brandon's side, I just looked up his numbers for the capacitance of a triple magnet mount, and assuming the triple magnet mount has three inch magnets, they are close to accurate (if anything I would say he rounded the...
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    New Sirio astroplane

    I'm not familiar with a new Astoroplane from then, unless you are referring to their current model Top One which they conveniently advertise as an Astroplane on their web site, which is very different from the old Astroplane antennas. IMHO this version of the antenna is closer to a Starduster...
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    2m ground plane kit on automobile

    For a given magnet size, the higher the frequency the better magnet mounts of the same size functions. At CB frequencies, a 5 inch magnet is barely able to do the job. At 2 meter frequencies, even a three inch magnet is far more effective than a 5 inch magnet at CB frequencies. Also, just...
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    Antenna Specialist StarDuster II M 800

    That looks to me like a phasing stub, not a coil like on the radials. Those are typically used when making collinear antennas, to keep adjacent electrical 1/2 wavelength sections in phase, and are thus electrically 1/2 wavelength themselves. I'm not sure that is what it is doing here though...
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    New Sirio 1/2 wave Gain Master

    DC grounded antennas tend to have less static, and thus are said to be quieter. This is essentially because the cause of the static has someplace else to go rather than build up on the antenna itself. This isn't the only technique of lessening how much static you hear, nor does it work on all...
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    Mobile False swr readings

    Do you by chance have a magnet mount antenna? The DB
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    My End-Fed Half Square Antenna

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the half square antenna design is bobtail curtain, which, offhand, I think would likely get you a little more gain. After playing with the half square, if you have the room, you might try one of these as well. The DB