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antenna tuner

  1. WQ2H

    MFJ-901B Antenna Tuner, 200W, w/Balun

    MFJ-901B Antenna Tuner, 200W, w/balun - good condition & fully functional. (top unit in photo) Will tune balanced feedlines (including 600 ohm open wire). I've had it about 4 years. Information and manual here. $100 shipped to US. Any questions let me know. 73 Jim, WQ2H wq2h@arrl.net

    Fact or Fiction ... Antenna tuners/meters for dummies (please help) Thanks

    Hey guys I know this has been asked a million different ways in a million different places but I'm hoping to help myself and other CB skip shooters wrap their heads around tuners , swr (standing wave ratio) , meters and meter quality . That being said , I'm not claiming to be a real tech or...