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frequency counter

  1. DaveEbelII

    Texas Ranger SRA-FC393 Frequency counter drift

    I've noticed after it's on a while it just starts randomly drifting from 27 all the way down to 25 MHz . It does this no matter what radio it's on .. I don't suppose any of you fellers know of a solution for this problem?
  2. guitar_199

    New Addition to the Family

    Got this off of QTH.com's want ads. Beckman Industries FC-130 1.3 GHz Frequency Counter. The seller had everything. Unit, handle, cord, BNC cable, Operator's Guide .... even the blank warranty card and an unopened pack of fuses. $50 plus shipping> Now....... one more thing...
  3. cbkidd1

    HP 5382A Frequency Counter

    Selling HP 5382A Frequency Counter that I bought a year ago already calibrated has void stickers showing it has never been opened since it was calibrated. 100% working condition. Asking $35 plus shipping of $20. USPS Priority Mail. Paypal gift.