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  1. KyPoohCDX618

    Tower Installation

    No, sadly this isn't a thread about actually doing the installation. Yet. It is however a thread to Uh Invite anybody that would like to come and help do a tower install in Central Kentucky (about 12 miles north of Lexington). No I'm not looking for folks to help dig - there's power...
  2. Aydenrooster

    connex cx36hpf freqency conversion

    does anyone know how to convert a cx36hpf to 11 meters? swing kit mod?

    Cobra 142 over volted on DC power and smoked :(

    I have a pretty sentimental 142 gtl that I pulled out to fire up . I had no empty AC plugs in reach at the bench so I hooked it to my 50A power supply and when adjusting the voltage (I run 14.5 normally on exports ) the pot was glitchy and I spiked it with probably 18-20 volts . Now I have no...