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  1. GLM927

    Ranger Long Horn Drift

    Hey Everyone Hope someone can help.? First off I am not a tech and know absolutely nothing about radio tuning or modifications. I own a new Ranger Long Horn Amateur Radio, but on SSB such as 38LSB or 36LSB it starts to drift brutally when the radio gets warm but fine when it's cold...
  2. R

    B&K Cobra Cam 88 Mic Plug Help

    Hello, I have acquired a Cam 88 that did not come with the mic. It has a 4 pin plug but looks to be about twice as big as the standard 4 pin plug that we know as the standard now. I have searched the web for mic plugs but I am not finding any that will work. Does anyone know if there is a...
  3. MarHazK

    Making Anytone 6666 to VOX-able

    Howdy, Anyone know how to custom the wiring/method to make Anytone 6666 able to VOX mode? I couldnt find any source.