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  1. C

    CB: Installed new antenna, now SWRs high on every channel

    Before judging for my actions, I just want to make it clear I am pretty oblivious to every aspect behind the science of radios. So here's my issue. I have a Midland mobile (magnetic) CB antenna that I use permanently on my truck because it works great with my Midland radio. Reason I have a CB...
  2. L

    Yaesu FT-101b Radio Ham/cb Transmitter +VFO, 2m 6m, frequency counter, swr meter+2 mics

    selling my vintage hey ham radio with lots of extras and bells and whistles if you are interested in a certain component or peace please message me with what you are looking at and your best price you are offering+shipping or i would take $1,300 for everything in the picture this is a beautiful...
  3. K

    Broadcasting for Ukraine on WTWW

    Asking for signal reports for our 9940 shortwave frequency at WTWW. We are broadcasting to support the people of Ukraine. https://wtww.us/pages/listen-live/tx4.php https://www.facebook.com/groups/684821692222114 If you would like to leave a message for the Ukrainians to air on 5085 and 9940...
  4. GLM927

    Big Wave

    Hello from the cold country east of Toronto Ontario Canada How's everyone doing.?
  5. 530

    Best FCC CB Radio?

    Looking for a friend. Best made mobile AM with stable LSB USB FCC 40 Channel CB Radio on the market today? P.S. Let me add two of his requests. He is looking for the 6 didgit freq counter in the radio for SSB use and the old type needle s meter. I told him I don't think they make radios with the...
  6. 927Mobile


    Hey Guys I'm looking for an HR2510 as my personal one was stolen in Toronto Canada. Must be in working order and have accessories Comment below