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  1. Moleculo

    Pennzoil 400 Activation 3/1/24-3/3/24

    I am activating the Pennzoil 400 NASCAR race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway from 3/1/24-3/3/24! I will be camping in my RV on the infield backstretch the entire weekend and will be setting up an HF station powered by an Elecraft KX3 and KXPA100. i mainly plan to operate phone on 10-40 meters; as...
  2. Moleculo

    Home Racing on the Air FAQ, Rules, and Tips

    Racing on the Air is intended to be a fun way to operate ham radio at any type of racing event. Any type of formal racing event may be activated by any licensed ham, anywhere in the world. This is a fun, informal activity meant to promote ham radio and give new opportunities to make contacts at...