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11 meter Forum member to member DX


Down in the mud invasive species
Nov 11, 2016
Had the pleasure to work my first Forum member DX contact this morning 455monte in South Carolina from north Kentucky on .385 LSB. He sounded top-shelf on my end.
Hope to make many more member contacts when Mother Nature allows.

Looking forward to seeing lots of future posts in this thread of your DX member contacts.

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Lol. I thought I was gonna have my own private thread here. I could've posted my DX contacts and then answered myself with a snarky comment or an atta boy or bash 11 meter.....

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  • @ AWP:
    Is it possible to be on a lake and have a homing directional beam being emitted from the shore so a person could navigate to that beam's source? For example at night to a jetty.
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    sea que sea que,