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4-1000a Amplifier

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Gear Swapshop' started by SpaceCadet, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. SpaceCadet

    SpaceCadet New Member

    Apr 16, 2015
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    For Sale: My Awesome 4-1000a HF linear amplifier.

    This is a very nice amp, built for continuous duty at full legal output with plenty of headroom. 24/7/365

    Tunes 3.5-30 MHz easily with multi-tap silver-plated coil and heavy duty selector switch.

    Features a single Eimac 4-1000a tube (cheap to replace if ever needed, plenty of working pulls available on the web. I will even include a spare 4-1000a tube) with whisper-quiet squirrel cage blower connected to tube socket. Larger chassis-cooling fan for continuous use.

    Variac controlled (variable voltage) filament supply, with V meter, allows use of other tubes besides the 4-1000a.

    Gigantic (think: pole-pig!) power supply with input line filtering and a massive capacitor bank.

    Large bank of rectifiers on individually serviceable circuit boards.

    Allen-Bradley controls

    Jennings Vacuum Variable tuning capacitor with incremented counter

    Large, open air, gear-drive tuning capacitor

    External input for keying relay circuit (not rf-keyed)

    Built-in (panel mounted) heathkit oscilloscope (currently not working - needs p/s reworked)

    Heavy duty coaxial relays

    Front panel mounted meters include: Filament Voltage, Grid Current, Plate Voltage, Plate Current, and Relative RF Output meters

    Output is about 10:1 with respect to input/drive (100W input = 1000W output)

    HV supply cruises at 3600V.

    Built inside of a standard 19" equipment rack that stands about 5'9"

    Standard 220V 50A plug - probably fits your electric drier or welder connection if you have one. Also requires 3 110V sockets for o'scope + 2 fans, though this could be reworked to use a single 110V outlet, or to be powered directly from the 220V input. I will be happy to rewire it in any configuration you desire.

    I have owned this amp for more than 13 years, and use it on a regular basis. It works exceptionally well! I have ran it for more than 3 days straight (into a [huge] dummy load, of course) at full output. It never breaks a sweat.

    If you're looking for a "big box", I promise that you will fall in love with this one. It has been one of the coolest pieces in my collection of radio gear for some time now. I really don't want to sell it, but I am moving and will not be able to use it at my new place.

    Price is $3500 - Negotiable. No reasonable offer will be refused. Delivery is available for an additional cost, and I have an extra tube I'll throw in for the lucky buyer. The beast weighs about 350-450 pounds (just an estimate. it took 4 guys to get it on and off of the truck.)

    Check around, look at the auction sites, etc. Compare to the Drake and Henry amateur models...

    Send me an email if you're interested and we'll talk. vince at firstclassradio dot com. I have plenty of pics, can talk to you on the phone, show you in person, etc. If you'd like to call or send me a text message, the number is 6-one-eight-5-eight-1-five-7-seven-two


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