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Alert! AM/FM cobra 29 uses diferent channel display!


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Jun 12, 2022
Just what the title says. I sold a 29 fm chrome today and the customer wanted a geen chanel display and traditional bulb in the meter. I proceded to unsolder the old channel display and when it came time to put the new one in place I was having trouble getting the pins to line up.
These new 29s have an extra pin on each side of the display. I guess for the dot wich shows fm mode is on.

That means we better stock up on workman 4233ba, 4233ra and 4233ga. Once workman see the reduction in sales they'll probably pull the plug and finding them will be like the mitsubishi 1969.
Ranger and all the brands it makes is one of the only other manufacturers still using that display chip and even they've begun using surface mount on the newer stuff.

Demand will drop and workman will stop. Now it'll be another fight to get the proper displays because cobra or ranger aren't giving up the info easily.

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