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Ameritron RCS-10 Antena Switch


Sep 16, 2011
Hard to tell the unit died after two days then I had to pay to ship it back they will not switch it out for another unit it's been three weeks and I still do not have it back, I will update when I get it back.

So what happened? What is it switching for antennas and how much power are you running through it? Any lightning in the area? I have an RCS-10 which is to be installed in the spring. One thing Ameritron cautions is that the control box is very susceptible to nearby lightning strikes. There should be some sort of lightning arrester unit on the control leads. Ameritron also makes an RCS-10L which has built in lightning arrestors. Tower mounted devices like remote switches, preamps, rotators, etc can be taken out from lightning that never hits it but is in the local area.

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