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ANYTONE 5555N II / Driving 2 x Toshiba 2879s AB ?


Apr 11, 2022
I'm very impressed with the Chinese when it comes to this radio , the new noise reduction circuit they put in these radios is a total game changer for me ! The Anytone 6666 noise floor was way noisy to say the least for me , and I never had to cut back on my RF gain on any radio I ever owned over the decades until that one . Didn't do much for my conscience knowing I needed to cut back on the RF gain on the Quad 6 ..........well the Chinese fixed the problem with the Quad 5 N II hands down ! (Oh , hear tell there's' a newer version of the Quad 6 coming out called the 6666 Pro that will have that new DSP or whatever you want to call it) Cha Ching Cha Ching Cha Ching !

It's been really hard for me over the years to get out of the old school ways of doing things with the radios and amps that had been around during those times , I've been trying to shake hands with the MOSFETS for a long time now but there's always been something that just hasn't rubbed me right about them thus far for the last 20 years or so ? If your a radio hobbyist like myself (It's always something) I run a blue face rap around heat sink 2 x Toshiba 2879 AB box and with a Grant XL or 148 GTL set at about 18 watts on SSB the box returns me about 240 pep watts nicely..........With the Quad 5 set at 18 watts SSB I only get 120 watts pep out of the amp ? The Quad 6 did the same thing ? Could someone explain to me why this is ? Is it because the MOSFETS don't work as well with the older technology ? ..........Oh and on both the 5 and 6 Anytone's I even drove them up as high as 35 watts pep into the amp and I still only saw 120 watts pep ? What's really going on here ? I truly look forward to learning something new here . Thanks as always . Switch Kit

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