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Anytone AT-778UV Scrambler?


Bastard Modulation Engineering
Aug 13, 2008
SouthWest AZ
I was wondering if anyone else has one of these rigs. It is a great radio, and I like it a lot....

I tried an experiment the other night, that didn't work as advertised...

I have the factory programming software, and programming cable, so I set up a channel and turned on the "scrambler" function.

Monitoring of a "normal radio" set to the same freq, plugged the AT-778UV into a dummy load and... the scrambler function didn't work... I could understand every word, no "scrambled" audio...

Has anyone else tried tried this function on any of these, of other Chinese radios and had it work?

Looked at the manual. Says "can be equipped". Not sure what the translation actually means. Been trying the 5888 tri band. Works pretty good. Tried the 5888uv-III through a dummy load and it seemed to work, but there's no info out there on compatability. There's some predefined scrams and two 3 digit numbers custom ones in the menu to define how scram works. It sounds subtle. Can tell who's talking but just kind of mixed up. Looks like one could customize a handset alpha key to turn it on and off. I'll never use it, but it's there.

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