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Discussion in 'Interesting DX Contacts' started by BJ radionut, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. BJ radionut

    BJ radionut Supporting Member and 6m addict

    May 9, 2008
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    I was able to go work with one of the contest teams in Central Ohio again.
    Conditions were marginal at best. We had 8 operators during various shifts totaling 38 hours of operation during the 48 hours contest was running.
    Here are some Stats from our operation:
    TOTAL Q's = 1058
    NA...154...This includes only AK/HI and US possession's (no 48 states mainland counted)
    OC... 31
    AF... 21
    AS... 16

    Galapagos Is.
    Central Kiribati Is...…Indonesia... Australia...New Zealand... S Pac. (all worked on 40mtr's)
    Reunion Is.
    Rwanda...Morocco...Maderia Is.....Kenya....Africa

    Average miles per QSO = 4,010

    I had a blast on 40m/80m early Sunday morning to around Sunrise. Bands got very noisy and closed down for over almost 3 hours(Solar Blast/ I think) but managed to make some good Q's.
    Hope those of you that made contacts during the contest also had RadioFun!(y)

    The next contest of note is the CQ WPX SSB March 29.2019 (3.30 00:00Z)…
    The interesting item about this contest is the objective is to work ALL CALLSIGN PREFIX's...So this opens the door for stateside to stateside contacts also..
    A PREFIX is the letter/numeral combination which forms the first part of the amateur call. Examples: N8, W8, WD8, HG1, HG19, KC2, OE2, OE25, LY1000, etc. Any difference in the numbering, lettering, or order of same shall count as a separate prefix. (Extra points)
    So you newer Hams with late issue callsigns (KE/KJ/KG/KK ...etc. will be of special interest to DX and stateside contacts as you are multipliers for total points.:D
    Lots of special callsigns get issued from many countries...so the chance to pick up these specials only happens during certain contests every year.
    So get'r tuned up/raise the antennas a few more feet and get ready to Play Radio.:love::LOL:
    All the Best
  2. Blackcat630

    Blackcat630 Sr. Member

    Apr 2, 2013
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    Had some time to play on Sunday. Heard Reunion Island which I need.. he was 5-7 with a good pile up. Went in the other room to take a phone call and came back few minutes later...he went qrt.. my luck. Should have jumped on it when I had the chance... Did manage to pick up Hungary and Luxembourg on 20.. 2 new ones for me. Got several band fillers on 15. Some huge signals out of the contest stations in the Caribbean on 15m. Barbados 5/9 +30..

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