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ARRL Membership & Email forwarding capability......


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Mar 8, 2011
Deer Park, TX
Hello all.
I just joined the ARRL on March 30 of this year and am just now able to get in very deep to see what various benefits exist! (new membership problem caused issue. Login worked and said I was logged in.... but most benefit pages told me I had to be a member to get into that area!).

One thing I notice is that the user forum IN the ARRL does not seem to be very busy at all. Not what I would consider a lot of recent posts, which was somewhat of a surprise.

An issue I am wondering about... for years I have understood (perhaps incorrectly!) is that once you are a member you can set up Email forwarding such that you had an email address of the form "callsign@arrl.net" and it would forward anything sent there to your real email address.
Well I see that capability exists... but they go to great lengths to make it seem as though that is only extended to CLUBS. And I know that I have had individuals tell me that, no, it is for individuals as well.

Well the form asks for "Club name" and "Club officer" and other things that just make it look like..... "no! it is for clubs only".

What is the consensus here? Should I just fill it out in a way that will "look right"?

Thanks, Bob/KG5JAI

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