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Astatic mic question



Right now im running a 636-l on my 6900fhp, but am thinking about getting the powerd road devel (been saving my petro points LOL ) Do i really have anything to gain by switching therse mic's?


If the radio that you have the 636 hooked to has a lot of AUDIO, then the answer is no. You would wind up with the gain on the mic just cracked open and the gain on the radio turned down too, just to keep from overdriving the audio circuit. So if your radio works great with the 636 then don't change a thing. My mobile unit ( Comanche Blackhawk ) has a ton of audio and even with the 636 the mic gain is a 75%. If your radio suffers from the lack of AUDIO then yes the Road Devil would help, but you have to remember with an amplified mic, it amplifies everything that it hears, not just your voice. Hope this answers your question.



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