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Nov 12, 2013
Not sure there is better overall HF antenna when space, convenience, expense and performance are considered.
Wolf River Mini Coil (10-40 meters)
102” steel whip
16.5” wire radial (just one)
Work light stand from Lowes

The black paracord running to the ground was installed for support against the prevalent strong south winds here in the spring/summer. However, the antenna catches so little wind, it’s not really needed.


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  • @ BJ radionut:
    I hope he did not ask that question on the "ZED" he would get vaporized...75% telling in some "polite way" are you going to put up a "REAL" antenna? The rest telling him that's the greatest antenna ever with my 7300o_O:coffee:
  • @ Roadstar:
    still the dx wa 135 antenna
  • @ cbjunkie:
  • @ cbjunkie:
    the guy qrming 27385l is on 27383 is Matt K2YCK in New York for info very bad operator causing intententional
  • @ cbjunkie:
    bleedover to 27385lsb