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Best Mobile AND Best Base antenna for 2m

The "best" is dependent on your application and needs. I run the Comet CA-2X4SR on my Jeep and RV...it makes me happy. At the home shack, I run a Comet GP9
Listen bubba ... don't make me take a load to SoCal just to thump ya ole friend...

I appreciate the input though! I know everybody has their opinion on whats 'best' as well as for different circumstances whats good for one isn't for another. Mostly looking for a starting point to help narrow down the massive offerings that are out there on the market currently.
The reason I like the Comet CA-2X4SR is because it has pretty good gain with wide bandwidth. Over the years I have used the VHF/UHF antenna in a variety of services other than ham radio and it has worked really well.
My tri band comet 333 gets me better 2m signal than my old Cushcraft with the ring. The comet is 5/8 or something the Cushcraft wasn't. With a multi band you have 440 or 220 too, if you want, and you can have the option of dual cross band repeat on 440. Just something to consider.

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    Hello World
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    Need some opinions on a good setup for my 95 jeep cherokee
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    If the antenna leads of an inverted V dipole are at 45 degrees instead of at 180 degrees, what happens to the signal?
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    @AF7LL At 45 degrees it will be omnidirectional. At 180, horizontal, it will be directional.
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