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Books for the bug-out bag

The War Wagon

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Dec 27, 2014
da' 'BURGH
The new thread on "edible weeds" got me to thinking about this, so I thought I'd post it here.

Two USEFUL - & nominally compact - books for the BoB that the WHOLE family can use, would be OLDER copies of the Boy Scout Handbook, and Boy Scout Fieldbook.

I was a 37 year member of the BSA (including 5 years I spent WORKING for them), until my sons & I were voted OUT of Scouting on May 23, 2013 - for remaining, "morally straight." Like many other American institutions, the lavender mafia has gotten to THEM. We've joined Trail LIfe USA ourselves, but this is just some background, for what I'm about to explain.

If you're stuck with a post-1970 Handbook or post-1978 Fieldbook, you can 'make do.' The GOOD thing is, older versions can still be had for as little as a quarter at yard sales! As baby boomers came through the program in the '50's & '60's, MILLIONS of copies of those editions were printed. And the information is more USEFUL, the binding is better quality, and the illustrations and text clear and easy to understand (remember - these books are written to be understood by an 11 year old!).

To wit; you're looking for handbooks with these covers;


And Fieldbooks with these covers;


The Fieldbook stayed "orthodox" a little longer than the Handbook did, because the '72 - '78 handbook took an urban emphasis, given the changing demographics of America at the time. It was poorly received.

That said, these books are chock full of campcraft ideas, wilderness survival, practical outdoorsmanship, basic first aid, edible & medicinal wild plants, and other useful information - be ye greenhorn or mountain man! And if you have kids in your bug out, it's a GREAT way to occupy them and encourage them to learn the basics of survival outside of suburbia.

I sold or burned all my memorabilia, but I did keep a couple of these books for my bug out bags. If you have little ones in your crew, having at least one of each is a must!
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