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Carl the Christmas CB'er


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Mar 9, 2006
Hi all,
Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
I sincerely hope that 2020 is a great year for everyone here on the forum, and that includes your families.

Since i just can't resist a chance to tell a story, i'll relate to you a little holiday poem about Carl the Christmas CB'er.

'Twas the night before field day and all through the shack,
There were antennas being tuned and radios hacked.

The coax was strung 'cross the ceiling with care,
In hopes that his station would soon be on air.

The genny was humming and the power was clean,
But Carl couldn't rest 'till his signal was mean.

While I and the wife were watching TV,
with nary a thought of this thing called CB.

When out of the screen there arose such a rumpus,
We thought God himself had come in to thump us.

I sprang from my chair, and ran right outside,
while from the TV i heard "worldwide, worldwide".

When what did i see right across the road,
but my neighbor Carl and his Winnebago.

He unkeyed his Turner with action so quick,
immediately i knew this must be the prick.

As soon as Carl saw the red in my eyes,
he started his RV and attempted to drive.

What Carl had forgotten in his moment of haste,
was that he'd connected his mobile right to his base.

I laughed and I laughed as his beam started bending,
and i knew that his coax was no longer extending.

While Carl watched in horror as his tower came down,
he just kept on driving, right out of town.

Some say they saw him that night at the lake,
and when it's quiet, you can still hear, "break break!"

hope your holidays are fun!

Many years ago I had a base with an a99 on a tower. It worked really well. A buddy of mine was on the radio, on top of what we here call a mountain. He and I were talking easily back and forth, then a couple of guys that were closer to him (still well below him, in both elevation and power) started trying to shut me out. My buddy told me about them interfering with out conversation, so I drug the coax out to the mobile and screwed it into the amp. Needless to say, they didn't quite make it over me at that point... Not sure if I screwed up anyone's tv, but it was funny for a few minutes, as I walked over them to talk to my buddy on top of the large hill 25-35 miles away from me.
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