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CB/11 meter nets

I've been trying to keep up the information regarding various radio networks across the U.S. My thought is simply that it will be easier for operators to make those DX contacts if they know where fellow operators are hanging out. So, if spacing holds up, hopefully this chart, which is a compliation of information folks here have forwarded, will be helpful to everyone.

Nightly AM 2 7:45P.M.-8:00P.M eastern Knoxville, TN

Nightly FM 30 6:30P.M. central San Angelo, TX

Monday LSB 38 7:30P.M. central NW Indiana
(Southern Great Lakes Group)

Wednesday AM 21 9:00P.M. eastern Hudson Valley, NY
(Hudson Valley CB Radio Club)

Thursday LSB 37 8:00P.M. eastern Central Maine SSB

Thursday LSB 36 evenings NH Side band Club

Fridays LSB 36 8:00P.M. pacific Fresno, CA
"Ditch bank"

Saturday AM 14 9:00P.M. eastern NE Georgia

Saturday LSB 16 6:00-6:30 P.M pacific Seattle, WA

Saturday AM 11 8:00P.M. pacific Fresno, CA
"Old Tube Radio Network"

Saturday LSB 40 evenings Pacific NW

Sunday LSB 32 8:30P.M. eastern Butler, PA
"Whiskey Net"

Let us know if you are aware of other networks.

Good luck and thanks to all of you who contributed.
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