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CB vs PMR Handhelds

Discussion in 'CB and Export Equipment and Accessories' started by howard.a.s, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. howard.a.s

    howard.a.s Member

    Sep 20, 2009
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    Please click on the following link: http://www.corncreations.co.uk/i/map.jpg The image you see is that of the general area in which I live, with my home situated toward the bottom left of the picture. ;)

    I am trying to find a reliable means of communication between my home and the beach (running from bottom to top right of image) which lies approx. 0.5 miles away, using something other than cell phones. :cry:

    It takes about 4 minutes for me to walk the distance from my house to the beach, with the terrain between these 2 points being flat, and covered in what are mostly bungalows. <gotproof>

    I've tried communicating over this distance using a pair of PMR radios, each running 0.5 watts. I guess I imagined there would be no problem in obtaining very good communications over such a short distance, whereas in reality it seemed virtually impossible, even with the person using the handset back at my house being situated upstairs. :censored:

    Another factor worth considering (and one which may potentially make communication even more tricky) is that between land and water is situated a sea wall, over which it is necessary to climb to gain access to the beach.

    When I tried the PMR, I was standing on the land side of the sea wall, so I'm guessing that once on the beach side (no longer a line of sight between the 2 handsets) communication is likely to become even more difficult. :headbang

    I have considered CB handhelds instead of PMR, but without first buying a pair, and then being stuck with them if they don't perform any better than PMR, its difficult to know whether this idea is sensible. :bdh:

    I understand that PMR is actually supposed to be more efficient than CB (even though PMR runs only 0.5 watts as opposed to the 4 watts of a CB handheld) simply because the aerial of a PMR is more efficient than the negative gain rubber duck of a CB, and therefore more successfully 'launches' its signal into the ether. :w00t:

    This being the case, and if aerial types is what makes the difference, I could always replace the rubber duck of a CB handheld with a longer whip-type aerial, so as to more successfully benefit from its increased power output.... only problem with this being that bang goes the compact nature of the handheld rig, which I was hoping would just slip into a coat pocket, and be attached to a lapel speaker mic. :cry:

    Having thought for a long time about the best way to proceed, I happened to recall a time (perhaps about 30 years ago) when out in the countryside with a friend who had with him a AM CB handheld, equipped with a very long telescopic aerial. :eek:

    If my memory serves me correctly, he managed communication (albeit rather scratchy) to a home base setup connected to a outdoor rod aerial, all of which was located about 3 miles away. :w00t:

    So I'm guessing it's probably more about the equipment and aerial installed back at home, than the portable handset itself? :sneaky2:

    All of this said, is there really any point in me expecting to achieve reliable communication over a distance of less than a mile using a pair of handsets alone, or should I just use what cash I would have spent on handsets and home base aerials to pay for cellphone call costs? :thumbdown:

    Incidentally, how do the authorities manage reliable communications with portable equipment, such as walkie talkies, that seem to have great signal everywhere. I guess they must work through some form of repeater system?

    Any constructive advice gratefully received. :drool:

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