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farm truck redo....


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Sep 15, 2015
Porter, Texas
Last month I made a thread about not wanting to spend any money on the old farm truck and installing some old radio equipment in it...
Well the wife did not like the footprint of the console I built, she said it was too large... and since I redid her truck recently she really like the 7100 touch screen and the screwdriver and suggested I do something similar in the farm truck...I always listen to the wife...
so I took out the large box with the old stuff in it and built a new box...
I have also learned over the years that sometimes things do not work out as well in actual practice as they do in the plan... so I built the top of the box out of a thin plywood and if it all feels good after a few uses, the top will be replace with black acrylic that will look much better...
farmtruck radio.jpg

She also like the performance of the little tarheelHP, but I figured that would look silly on a lifted 3/4 ton truck, so went with a model 100 hp, and since I had mentioned that this truck goes through some areas with brush and low hanging limbs, I wanted to be able to lay it down...

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