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First new mobile setup in 35 years


Jul 6, 2014
I recently got back into running a radio in my vehicle. I am running a President Andy II FCC with a President Iowa antenna. Getting the mount sorted was interesting. I have a 2015 Silverado and while looking for a fender mount I found many listings for 2010-2018. In my mind, this made no sense. Body styles on GM trucks run from 2007-2013, 2014-2018, and 2019-Current. I found the proper mount from Rugged Radios but with a 3/8 NMO hole. I ordered that up and drilled the hole 1/2". I am running a Procomm 12' Terminator series cable with an FME end. I removed the fold-down pocket from the dash and mounted the radio in the opening. I am a mobile electronics installer by trade so my setup is tied into my stereo. I ran a mono 3.5mm/RCA adapter up to the radio and then used an RCA splitter into the radio. I can now set my radio to AV In and my truck's stereo is now my external speaker. I can use Android Auto for navigation while listening to the CB or NOAA Weather. So far I really like this radio. I was hoping to run my 35yr. old Astatic D104 M6B as it is wired the same as my old 1987 Uniden Pro520XL, but I needed to rewire it, when I went to test it the mic would not transmit. I found the white wire had broken off at the solder joint.
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