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FOR SALE: Yeticom Optima.

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Jul 29, 2022
New York
I’m getting this off my shelve, this Yeticom Optima MK3 needs to be with a new owner and it functions perfectly well as expected.

£160.00 includes shipping


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So this, unfortunately, is something we deal with everyday and a caution to other members.
Look at the for sale above.
Just joined, and it's a bit odd if you look at the amount he wants.
Hmmmm that's not US dollars and he lives were?
On his profile he says he in in NY, I don't think many people in NY use British Pounds for day to day transactions.
Usually when we remove them as a spammer it deletes all of there posting, I left this one as a example.
The Admins try to stay on top of spammers/scammers as best we can, but always remember,
Buyer Beware.

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