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FT-857 question

The AM is different on the amateur rigs your not going to have the swing a CB radio would have and these radios are set up to run clean or tried to be set to run as clean as possible. SSB HF rigs will kick but but if you are an AM user they can be set to sound great but their not going to boom the airways like a CB radio would atleast not without an amplifier to make up for the difference.
I explained lastnight about the power difference in AM and SSB I explained that AM will actually do a "25 watt" carrier at 100 watt setting in AM as its factory set for 25 watts maximum. I was thinking that if he was indeed testing it on AM that it would make sense which is why I explained the power level difference. so it makes sense if you think about it. If on SSB at 100 watts you see a full scale or close to on the internal RF meter then you will only see a 1/4 of that scale reading with 25 watts as its 1/4 of 100 watts thus showing a 1/4 of the full 100 watt scale ;)

Yes, I understand that, thank you for the explanation.That's the reason that I made and posted a second vid, this time on LSB. The scaling indicates around half or a bit less.

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    Need some opinions on a good setup for my 95 jeep cherokee
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    If the antenna leads of an inverted V dipole are at 45 degrees instead of at 180 degrees, what happens to the signal?
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    @AF7LL At 45 degrees it will be omnidirectional. At 180, horizontal, it will be directional.
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