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Galaxy DX949 Audio quality


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Apr 5, 2005
Southern Shore Of Lake Ontario
I turned up a Galaxy949, Put in a swing mod and added a echo board. It now sounds like I am in a tunnel when talking. It is putting out 18 watts, good modulation. I aligned the tx frequncy with a paradynamics counter to specs. everything works good except the poor audio quality. I should add that I replaced the mic with a cobra mike. Is there different impedences between different manufacturers of mics. ????

The Galaxy has excellend audio.

There are three things that are likely making your audio sound so poor. The swing mod is the first, the cobra mic is probably the second, and the echo board might have something to do with it.

first, try the stock mic and see if that helps. if not, keep the stock mic on there and play with the echo board controls and see if that helps. last reverse the swing mod and do a std peak and tune and work from there.
oh yea, the paracynamics counter is not suitable for frequency alignments...you will need to redo those with a quality bench counter.
pull the mod kit, restore the circuit and the amc if it has been removed. make sure to double check the wiring of the echo board against the instructions and return any grounds to the mic connector ground, do not use the cans as solder-ground points. also note whether the proper voltage is being used to power the echo board, some will run at 13.8 and others require 8 volts. also do not use the dc ground connection for power if the audio shield grounds are used as this will create a ground loop causing instability in the echo board. use either the stock mic that was included with the 949 or add a CDL56KDX1. a straight-forward alignment should yield approximately 25 - 30 Watts PEP from 6.25 - 7.5 Watts of Carrier, respectively, 30 - 35 Watts PEP on SSB. if none of this is any help, have a couple of beers and start shopping for a tech.
A few questions ? What is your swing mod (IN4001 Diode) ? and what kind of echo board is it ? .....tunnel sound you say ? could just be a adjustment as C2 mentioned on the echo board ....with swing mod and echo boards on these radios ,normally the radios stock mic or a NC mic tend to work best if all is done in at least a ballpark manner ,I would think your PDC could at least get you there.
Thanks for the tips. I did have the ground connected to the main power I switched it to the mic ground that made a world of difference. And I switched back to the stock mic. It sounds 100 percent better it's amazing the difference of the mics.. That cobra mic is now for sale!! What a piece of crap. Anyway after further adjustment it now puts out 20 watts and have nothing but good reports. This radio is for a dump truck driver, he is more than happy with it. Ballpark is good for the communication he does and I think it's pretty close anyway. All the other fleet drivers now want the same thing!! What did I create!!!

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