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Got a new (well old really) toy...

The DB

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Aug 14, 2011
St. Louis, MO

Should be fun to play with, and see how accurate it still is in comparison to much newer equipment including a modern day VNA. Only cost me $20 including a full set of inductors.

Manufacturer: James Million MFG Company
Type: 90551

The on-line manual I found has a date in it, 3-25-65. Out of curiosity, does anyone have an idea of the range of dates these were actually made?

The DB

Neat blast from the past. Model 90551?? I only remember them making a model 90651. I went to locate my old Millen GDO to see what the model number is but can't find it. It may be out in the shop. I thought it was in the basement. it looks just like the one you have pictured above. If/when I find it I will check the model number. Mine is in the original cardboard box it and the coils came in soooo many years ago. The box is in rough shape however. The model 90651 GDO was first out in 1949. The 90651A came out in the late 60's.

90651 Grid-Dip Meter

Your correct, 90651, I mistyped...

One of these days when I get some time I"ll hook it up and play with it some. I have a .pdf billed as a manual, although it seems to be a combination of two separate documents. I want to read through it first as well.

The DB

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