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Grounding near French Drain


New Member
May 14, 2022
I am wanting to put up my mast and ground rod. I had my basement done by Everdry. They put a French drain around my home that dumps the water into a drain and sump pump in my basement. I am thinking it's not a good idea to put a ground rod or mast in the ground near the drain. If it is hit by lighting, it could get into the drain and cook my sump pump. Question: should I move the ground rod and mast away from the home?

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    I hope he did not ask that question on the "ZED" he would get vaporized...75% telling in some "polite way" are you going to put up a "REAL" antenna? The rest telling him that's the greatest antenna ever with my 7300o_O:coffee:
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    still the dx wa 135 antenna
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  • @ cbjunkie:
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