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Hamers sticky in 4 sale section


Do you use integrity.com? I do. I was just wondering, it seems like a coincidence. Where do you live? I live in Indiana. Haubstadt.
integrity.com? never heard of it. i just happened across the forum at qrz and remember reading hamer's post about the same subject and had the feeling of deja vu... i just had to break his balls a little

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  • @ wavrider:
    sea que sea que,
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    C'mon let me take you on a Sea Cruise! (Maybe there is someone to talk to out there?)
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    Just for the Halibut.
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    Seems to be dead on the radio lately. I don't know if the conditions are horrible, or more likely my weak antennas. I may head up in the mountains on Wednesday and see if reception / transmission is improved.