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Help Sugestions Repairing CPI 2000 Base/Mobile


Break Break..Does anyone have any Grey Pupant ?
Sep 24, 2014
Synthesiser Board issue ? CPI 2000 Base Mobile Need Help.

Waiting for the Sams Photofact #268 for the CPI Mobile 400. Hopefully this will assist

in the resurection of my daily drive C.B. ! Am not allowed an Antenna where I live.

Perhaps an enthusiast of CPI might have experience and a clue what parts Iought to


Radio transmits on normal 40 ch at 20.300 Mhz. Or so . Selector shows chanel steps 1-40

and changes transmit frequency. Reads upper 40-79 & now transmits on 17.00 Mhz

giveor take100-300 KHZ.

Never read the low channels for me on the read out but transmitted on the low and recieved.

Now on low transmits at 10.00 MHZ.

Now the recieve is at 13.9785 and never changes as you turn the channel selector.

40,upper & lower. I have a rebuilt Precision E 200 C signal/audio generator. Flaky at

27 Mhz output useable, but steady at 13.97585.

I read the theory of operation at CB Tricks 20 times. I know that from the symptons

just described, I should be able to Pin Point what I should Check on the Synthesizer

board. Maybe Im getting old. Doesn't hit me what I should be checking.

The PLL is obviously locked on recieve. The transmit still variable? Going to Recap and keep my fingers crossed.

Have ordered a curve tracer. Will learn to use. However maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Best 73s John


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Nov 22, 2011
And try the Yahoo group. It's not very active, but there are guys there that monitor it and really know their stuff. You'll get an answer if you post.


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