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Ic-7000 mods

I adjusted the AGC to fast but only slight help, still a problem. I dont know what the AGC is for anyway. can you explain?

I will prob put it back to the way it was, get some one with smt know how to replace it. I dont get as good of reports with it as my grant any way except on SSB they say it is great.

I think it runs much hotter on AM too, I never had the fan kick into fast till using AM and now it is, Fan ran very slow sometimes before mod and never got to hot.

I did not do the TV mod for the same reason as Happy Hamer, no good after Feb.
Hold on there!

Roger: I do not want to sound like a smart guy but I am not sure what you might have adjusted or changed that would affect the transmitter...
The AGC controls are only for receive modes.
The 7000 has different menu settings for CW/SSB/AM/FM...you can adjust the settings for the speed the AGC operates for each mode.

NEXT:The first sign a radio is being run to hard or overdriven is the continuous fan operation. The ALC control would be your first setting to look at...are you running to much carrier/to much Mic gain?...compression level setting?...if all this sounds confusing or you can not answer to yourself where these setting are...then you need to spend some time reading over the manual until you are completely sure how you are operating your equipment before it goes up in smoke...
What mods other than opening the transmitter range did you do?

All the functions of that rig are programmable via the internal processor and no other components changes should have been made...be careful what you have done internally...
I would master reset the rig and then start from scratch with the programmable controls and go very slowly through each set and note the default settings so you can remember what you have changed...Good Luck
All the Best
BJ radionut,

Your not sounding smart. I did read the manual lots of times and do understand pretty well and have used it for a year now with no problems. The only thing I did was the mod for opening the transmit. I did not do anything with the settings except adust the AGC and it made a change in the SSB mode, the meter moves back much faster than originaly. I have the compression set to 1 and all other settings the way AB5N says after mic mod.

I do have the mic gain up very high 80% on AM because eveyone said it sounds weak. AM is the only mode that the meter goes back slow on even after I set AGC to fast. I might do the reset like you said and start over as I might have set something wrong by mistake. The radio is pretty straight forward though.

It even sounds pretty bad on receive in AM.,people soud garbled a little on AM.

Can anyone that did the mod and it works good for you tell me your settings??

The AGC is for the auto gain control. when using on AM you need to use the squelch and not RF Gain so you need to change the settings for AM. oN ssb MY 897D sounds great but, AM not as good, could have something to do with the filtering.
I was reading the posts here in this thread I attached below and it helped, I set it up with only 25 watts or a little less and mic gain about 40-50 % and now it sounds better and it is not getting hot. It is running like it should, fan not running. I just cant seem to get my ALC meter out of the red unless setting mic gain to around 10%.


Thanks for all the help,
I finaly got it, the time in the agc for fast settng on am is too slow. I went into the adjustments and changed it and now it is alsome.

Thanks all.
Icom IC-7000

Hi every one ,

Can some 1 maybe tell me . I like to download Weather Fax Images and now i just got a new Icom IC-7000 and it has AUTO AGC on FM/WFM so i cant down load the images . Has any one hurd how to disable the AGC on the Icom IC-7000

When i put the Radio on FM OR WFM it wont let me change it to slow only on AM/SSB/CW . if it can be done how do you do it to put it on slow ?

My ICOM 7000 had the MARS mod when I got it so it pretty much works everywhere & it was a must with some of them so you could work 60 meters & one of the 60 meter frequencies changed years ago so it's the only way you can use the correct channel on the band.I could care less about it working on 11 meters but it will do it.

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