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Icom IC-746pro VFO skipping


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Jun 1, 2012
Southeastern Michigan
I picked up a Icom IC-746pro and as I am using the VFO tuner it skips numbers. If I mess with it I can get to channel frequency I want to. I have seen used VFO encoders on ebay would replacing encoder fix my problem??? I also read that these radios do have problems , it is worth the 125 dollars for encoder even if it fixes problem??

Seems to be a common issue with these encoders. I have a 756 that has a dead spot on it. I picked up a eBay used part a couple of years ago for $25-ish. I haven't got around to inspecting mine or replacing it yet.

I wouldn't pay $125. Is this a superhawk special? Setup an eBay search and wait for a $25 unit. In the meantime, take yours apart and clean. There was a document I read online awhile back speaking to this issue. I can't find it, I usually save these things. Gives you something to search for. I found this recent YouTube video on the topic. I only watched 30 seconds of the 14 minute runtime. Just like the repair on my encoder, I'll get around to watching it to the end. Someday.

I've had 1 Pro (wish I still had it) and several diff orig. 746's and still use one now. Never had the Dial issue with any of them.
On your Pro, don't forget to go into your Settings and Widen the SSB TX Bandwidth out. Will improve your audio-out.

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