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Icom ID-51


Oct 20, 2010
Finally dual-band future version of ID-31!


Pre-release info

New to the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012, the ID-51A/E Dual band D-STAR Handheld - News Icom News : Icom UK - two way radio transceivers, receivers and navigation products

Ok - I'm in

I couldn't believe they brought out a 70cm (ONLY) radio last time, I still ended up buying one. And I'll be stunned if they really stick with the reported VV or UU operation - surely they can do VV, VU / UV, or UU, right?

I'll probably still end up buying this one too, but I'll be much happier if it's actually better than the 92ad.
The ID-31 really is a nice radio, even if it is 440 only. Now that I have the D-Star repeater / access point working, D-Star is really starting to be fun for me, but I also want 2m for all the local repeaters. This new radio should be a big seller.
This does look like a really nice radio. Just like Moleculo, I'm really starting to like D-Star now that I am getting into it. I guess I'll just give my 31A to my wife and pick up this radio for myself, lol.

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