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Info on large Radio Communications Test Setups , I Want One !!


President CFO & CPFO WorldwideDX Radio
Feb 21, 2011
New Jersey
Hey guys I know some of you will have the answers for me ! I watch tech videos all the time and I want one of those larger all in one Radio Test / Repair setups . I have a ton of projects going on and Im looking for something like MikesRadioRepair's Test setups . I have seen a bunch of different builders and techs use them but don't know any brands or models to look up ??

What I would really like is an all in one type of setup including :

Oscilloscope 1+ Channel
RMS & Peak Wattage Meter
Frequency Counter
Tone Generator
Power supply
Mic Tester
Modulation Meter

I don't need all of that in one unit (but the more stuff the merrier) !

I have quite a collection of meter of all sorts new and old , Mic testers , a tone generator (no direct inject) , power supplies , speakers , freq counters blah blah blah . Now before I buy a used scope to add to the piles I would rather clear up some wires and bench space with one large all in one test center !

If you want to sell one or trade let me know , or if you know a good brand and model number for me to hunt for that would be great ! I know they are mostly older and getting rare but thousands and thousands were made and I know they are out there ! I don't need everything on my list but I want more than just a multi meter with a power supply and mic tester , I want one of the old school big boys lol

Thanks in advance , I know you guys will come through with something for me even if its just a make and model I can look for its much appreciated .

73's Boys 4-2-ZERO NJ
Brian "Winkdogg" Winks


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Mar 8, 2011
Deer Park, TX
One I see used quite frequently is the IFR 1200S. Buddy at "The Radio Shop" has one and I'm thinking Mike did too...at least at one time. There is also a test set from Marconi but I don't know any model numbers.

Another thing that might help you..... here is a link to a pretty good sized radio geek want ads site.... (if passing this link on is unacceptable, just delete it and I'll take the hint!!). There are many sections but "Test Equipment" is chock full of things that might interest you.


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