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Info wanted to estimate Full wave bridge DC Volts under load

Discussion in 'Home Brew' started by giboni, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. giboni

    giboni Break Break..Does anyone have any Grey Pupant ?

    Sep 24, 2014
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    I want to verify the answer's on this online calculator.


    I'm also confused...{onset of RF dementia possibly} ....How to calculate the output KVA of this transformer.

    120AC line volts at 3KVA. Output is 480 - 480. What is the KVA at 480v ac ?

    Now for the first question. Using the GE tube data. Most likely I Golden Screw-Drivered my reading of the

    specs LQ6 is 720 ma max current at the plate. 990vdc max plate voltage. JG6 220ma max plate current ?

    12xLQ6 x 720ma = 8640 ma or 8.64 amps
    4xxJG6 x220 ma = 880 ma or .88 amps

    9.52 Amps

    To determine no load peak dc voltage flowing from the 480-480 step up secondary of the Tranny into the full

    wave bridge. Subtracting the voltage drop of the 1N5408 diodes in series in Full Wave Bridge configuration.

    960 x 1.414 = 1357.44 - 9.6v diode voltage drop

    1347.84 x 0.637 = 858.57408 Average RMS Volts ?

    The capacitance that will be installed. 3x 1000uf 450v in series. = 333.33

    Obviously. I do not have the "Load" correctly" figured out. The original D&A Warrior psu has two 1 amp full

    wave bridge rectifiers in parallel. So the load is no more than 2 amps at 950vdc ?

    Any rate. All this math is making me sleepy. Over 40 years ago. After getting out of the military.

    Purchased my first microwave. I had a watch. That I would point at a box where several lamps

    were plugged into. Come home point the watch . House lights would turn on. The watch got wet

    after walking in the rain. I tried to dry it out in my new microwave. Figured 5 seconds ought to do it.

    Ive come a long way since then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The answers of this online calculator are the same. Whether 2 amps or 9 amps load are entered ?

    Can I trust this estimate of 959vdc RMS and 860vdc average ?

    Thank you in advance for your time !

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