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Info wanted to estimate Full wave bridge DC Volts under load


Break Break..Does anyone have any Grey Pupant ?
Sep 24, 2014
I want to verify the answer's on this online calculator.


I'm also confused...{onset of RF dementia possibly} ....How to calculate the output KVA of this transformer.

120AC line volts at 3KVA. Output is 480 - 480. What is the KVA at 480v ac ?

Now for the first question. Using the GE tube data. Most likely I Golden Screw-Drivered my reading of the

specs LQ6 is 720 ma max current at the plate. 990vdc max plate voltage. JG6 220ma max plate current ?

12xLQ6 x 720ma = 8640 ma or 8.64 amps
4xxJG6 x220 ma = 880 ma or .88 amps

9.52 Amps

To determine no load peak dc voltage flowing from the 480-480 step up secondary of the Tranny into the full

wave bridge. Subtracting the voltage drop of the 1N5408 diodes in series in Full Wave Bridge configuration.

960 x 1.414 = 1357.44 - 9.6v diode voltage drop

1347.84 x 0.637 = 858.57408 Average RMS Volts ?

The capacitance that will be installed. 3x 1000uf 450v in series. = 333.33

Obviously. I do not have the "Load" correctly" figured out. The original D&A Warrior psu has two 1 amp full

wave bridge rectifiers in parallel. So the load is no more than 2 amps at 950vdc ?

Any rate. All this math is making me sleepy. Over 40 years ago. After getting out of the military.

Purchased my first microwave. I had a watch. That I would point at a box where several lamps

were plugged into. Come home point the watch . House lights would turn on. The watch got wet

after walking in the rain. I tried to dry it out in my new microwave. Figured 5 seconds ought to do it.

Ive come a long way since then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The answers of this online calculator are the same. Whether 2 amps or 9 amps load are entered ?

Can I trust this estimate of 959vdc RMS and 860vdc average ?

Thank you in advance for your time !

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