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Klein CL390 AC/DC 400A Auto-Ranging Clamp Meter

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Dec 13, 2008
Reviewing this here as we radio folk may wish to have the ability to read DC Amps being pulled by rigs and things like 12V amplifiers. Direct Reading DC Clamp Meters aren't new but are a more modern type with these stand-alone units being AC only in the past. I saw this one being used by a radio tech in a Youtube and thought I would check into it. I liked the specs and what came with it and everything it did so I decided to pick one up. I've used AC clamp meters for years in my working background. I had a Fluke for many years but it died after long service. About a year ago I got an old school Amprobe to replace the Fluke. There's tons of them on the used market and I got a nice one with carrying case for $15 bucks on ebay. The original style Amprobes are great for they work off of magnetic detection only so the unit does not use batteries.
On to this Klein. I'm very impressed with it. The pic looks like the display numerals are blue but they are white on black background.
AC/DC volts & Amps to 400
Resistance to 40Megs
Capacitance to 4.0mf
Diode Check
Temp with included K Thermocouple / -40 to 1832F
Also reads AC Frequency
Checked all functions on various devices and compared readings against a Fluke DMM, Amprobe for AC current and a high quality glass mercury thermometer. Measured on several resistors & capacitors with known values. All readings on all functions were nearly exact to other known good instruments. Checked DC amps on my RM Italy KL 703. At 100 Watts dead key I expected to see a bit more than 20.0 amps considering the two fans. Fans were drawing a bit more than .1 amp each and with the key down the meter read 20.4 amps so I'd say it's right on.
Meter is easy to find on eBay or Amazon and other places and I saw for as little as $55 so I'm saying this meter is a keeper.


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