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Maco V Quad (2 element)


Jan 11, 2022
Just installed one of these two element V-quad antennas and having great results in the V (full horizontal) setup however it does indicate dual polarity and that if the antenna goes into a L position it will do both horizontal and vertical at the same time.

I have not tested this position yet so the question is - has anyone operated in this setup with the antenna and if so what were your results. Logic tells me going dual polarity will lose from the horizontal to work the vertical at the same time so while it might do both I would expect weaker results overall?

So far the horizontal results are outstanding for a beam antenna not located very high and in a less than idea environment. Curious if I should even try reorienting and testing the dual setup or not.

Back in the 80's I had a set of those stacked in the other shape. They worked very well but like you Saud it takes away from horizontal and vertical both in that position. Can't hurt to try it if you can without a lot of trouble
Yes it will work better for vertical local stations. Actually it works pretty dang good even for flat side too.

I could still hear and talk to the Caribbean islands on the antenna in the flat/vertical position. Flip over to my vertical only antenna, and could not even hear them plus there was way more noise too.

They are good antennas!

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