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Magnum 257 refresh/realignment and color change?


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Feb 27, 2022
Hello all - this is my first post here, so please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section.

I have a Magnum 257 I bought used several years ago and used it a little the first year or so, then put it on the shelf for a while. I really like the radio and I've recently started using it again, but I realize it is getting old and I'd really hate for it to just give out on me without warning. Nothing currently made really interests me, aside from *maybe* a President Lincoln 2+ or a 2970N4 if I went a little crazy, but those carry a huge price tag and are still a bit too gimmicky. Anyway, I was thinking about having my radio "refreshed" and realigned - paying someone reputable to go through the radio and replace worn, aging, or failing components, possibly upgrade a few parts and just making sure it works correctly all the way around. Im NOT looking for a tweak and peak!

Beyond the refresh and realignment, I'd like to address the one aspect of the radio that I don't really like, and that's the blue backlighting. I'd like to have the blue LEDs changed to orange (think older Uniden scanners, or Kenwood transceivers). Just personal preference and a bit easier to read.

I'm looking for suggestions for a competent and trustworthy radio shop or tech with a solid reputation and satisfied customers, and the ability and willingness to do what I need. Location isn't an issue; I have no problems shipping my radio if need be. But I do live outside of DC, so if there's a stellar shop nearby, even better.

So let's hear your recommendations and referrals!

Oh, and as I discovered yesterday, there's a problem with the external speaker jack/circuit - the circuit doesn't open when the mic is keyed and results in horrible feedback noise. That needs to be fixed ASAP.
Hello Mopsbauer, welcome to the forum. I am a big fan of older Magnum radio's, I still own five of them. They made several versions of the 257, since you said yours is blue I'm betting it's mosfet powered. Can you verify if it has the RFX-75 on the back? If so it is the 80 watt HP version, it not then it's the standard 40-50 watt version.

To be honest of the radio is performing well it really does not need anything done to it. If you must have the display changed the below listed places all do well with Magnum radio's.

1) http://www.superiorcb.com/

2) https://customcbradios.com/

3) https://www.bobscb.com/ (if they are doing mail in repairs)

If you do send it in I would say all it would need would be a display color change and a check over to make sure it's functioning like it should. I recently had two radio's worked on by Superior CB, came out great.

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