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Maxmod...for real?

Thanks for the reply...any thoughts or experience with the 6666...replacing stock transistors and driving them with the maxmod or is the maxmod 'snake oil' or just BS

Waste of time. A S point on the meter is 3dB. 3dB is doubling the power. 2 S points is 6dB and thats a 4x power increase so to get a noticeable worthwhile increase in signal strength to the other end you want to be looking at least at quadrupling the output which the radio just isn't designed to cope with even if you can find and drive outputs sufficiently.

If you want more power then get an external linear amp but don't forget that the more power you run the better your antenna installation, in particular RF ground, needs to be so you don't start running into issues caused by that. Above 100W you really don't want to be using magmounts.
If you are looking for "MAXMOD" parts to extend the life of a radio you wish to run into the Maximum margins of upper limits, then you're better off not to, and quit wasting your time - the issue of the Mean Time Between Failures is how well do you need to re-heat that Mcky'-D's sandwich while your wait for traffic to push thru a highway snarl?


Grill Or Tire Marks - Optional​

Because its not the Transistor that will help the radio survive - it's the heat dissaspation factor - including placement of said device in the vehicle - and how often you use it.

If you are a frustrated individual stuck in traffic (understandably) you'd run that radio on high like a you're boiling water - Hot and you want it Now...either way, MAXMOD or not - it will blow and quit on you...But in the process, throw that burger back on the that Grill they call a heatsink and toast your buns! At least you can have lunch and eat it too...

What I'm getting at is - the MAXMOD for all sense and purposes - is a beefed up (in relative - 20% - terms) part and doesn't add extra modulation, Protection or Power - only provides "slew" and "Skew" rates slightly better than the musher the 880D/771/1118/1012 - Double D - (you pick) that would be in it. It only means it'll top-off faster and sooner - but not better - than the part that is currently in it. And 20% is not that noticeable.
  • In fact it's more of a level of distortion - or compression you'll get by this kind of performance - you trade linearity for asymmetrical operation - you're fooling a meter - but not someone's else ears - they will all know it.
Power dissipation is the problem with these radios - not the Modulation - there simply is not enough cooling to take the heat away from the part you use in there. Albeit - stock or modified Funny-Face radio show...and due to the sheer size of the part, as well as the size of the chassis it's in - that bigger power part it claims to be it's not going to work - not enough surface area to take away the heat. Heat is the major culprit for RADIO Failure and is also the biggest EQUALIZER when it comes to comparisons of this part versus that...

It's like buying a couch and using your Pinto to haul it - the Couch is nice, but getting it home was the battle.- you can't use the abilities of the couch until you provide a place or a means to utilize it. And small chunk radios - like the chunky kids on the playground bullying you for your Lunch Money - only works until they get hit by some situation that forces them to run away. READ this as - you overdo it for the prolonged period of time? The radio then takes the Time Out for you - not the other way around. Wimpy kids or not, the radio - if it works - DON'T FIX IT!

Cooler heads prevail - as does it apply to the radios operated by them...

If you have to do that to your radio to get the job done, - you're better off getting the bigger radio - it is better for you and the equipment - in the long run.

I don't know how to say it any other way - don't waste your time on putting in a part like that until you really - really - really need to. Because it's expen$ive - so buying the radio just to run it hot all the time may sound like a lot of fun - but - it's your money and It Is your time it will waste while sitting in the shop.

And if that's the way you want to do it, YOU MIGHT want to, buy two - or three - because it won't be long until you need to have them all redone with the swapped out MAXMOD part - and the CB Shopkeeper will now be your best friend and Lienholder...you'll be stopping by to drop one or two off to pick up the one they just repaired and make the payments...
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