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N. Ireland

I check evil 11 to see how big it is buzzin' out of the N. Eastern US on 27.3850. When the signals are strong State side (major pile up) I'll monitor 27.3650. Beam headings depend on time of day/evening. I mostly enjoy the off the wall stuff. On the downside of cycle 23 a few of those were several contacts with both with a sailboat on the Congo River, a C-130 cargo, and three with CVN 73 U.S.S. G. Washington. With the later the propagation was strong and coming solely out of the N. Western US when he made the call(s), and no one returned. Out of curiosity I swung the beam around to the N. East and made contact. He was 70 miles off the coast of the Azores, gave him my cords and had blanket signal coverage on my end. I asked what antenna he was using...satellite. Those contacts were between 27.4050 and 27.3650.
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  • @ Jim5570091:
    Maybe. I wasn’t impressed with just clamping the shield wire to the boom with a hose clamp. I built a l bracket with so239 female hubs. I posted a picture on the recent gallery’s.
  • @ Jim5570091:
    Well I cut the matching stubs down 1 inch at a time from about 20” down to 6”. Still no real changes.
  • @ 555 Central Missouri:
    Hello everyone, I have a old courier centurion pll 40 channel SSB, it has the extra channels and it has another switch that just moves the frequency down one channel on the dial, what is the purpose for this?
  • @ BJ radionut:
    LIVE 10:00 AM EDST