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New Cushcraft Squalo Antennas

All 6 meter, 2 Meter and 70 CM SSB operations are on horizontal. The Cushcraft seem to be expensive compared to the M2 loops, which are sold by AES and other ham equipment dealers.

Another advantage of horizontal polarization is a little better immunity to man made noise.
6m ssb mobile

This is my first post, hello to all.
I built this over a year ago and it worked well.
I made a few DX contacts into Wa. and into grand kayman Island was all the proof I needed.
The first 6m antenna I tried was the ATAS-100, it would load up but it was vert. needless to say how much better the loop worked with other horiz.
Going from never made a contact with the ATAS-100 to dx into Grand Kaymon Is. and ground wave comm 80 miles away.
The radio is a FT-100d with 100watts 50.125mhz VSWR 1.2:1


It works and I am happy!!(y)
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AQS-6 not in production yet

Yall hold your horses !
The lady at the order desk said "it will be 2~3 months" before it comes off the the production line.

I had a squalo when I built a Heathkit 6'er many years ago. It worked well on AM. I just made a 6 meter squalo out of 3/4 inch copper pipe for 6 meter SSB. It will go up about 30 feet in the air. I have verticals for normal FM use. I like the squalo for its simplicity and its omnidirectional. For more gain stack two. Is a multi -element beam better? Sure but its more expensive and needs a rotor. Making antennas is fun, and part of the challenge of ham radio is working with home built equipment.
The squalo is definitely not a great performing antenna but so what. Anyone can go out and buy an 80 foot tower and put up stacked yagis. Just takes $$$ if thats what you desire. But just like QRP operation its sometimes the challenge of using non-optimized equipment to make contacts.
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I have a squalo for 2/70 dual band at 40 feet above the ground.
Just under the Diamond x 510N which was rebuild from new with teflon coax cable to handle the 200 watts digimode and SSB, the squalo can do 800 watts the X510N standard 50 watts digital through the small capacitors i replaced with teflon coax cable as capacitors so the x510N now can handle 400 watts in FM if need be.
Qou can use 2 squalo's get about 8 dbD gain in total, no need for a rotator then.
Since i live in pancake flat country the squalo does fine, as does the X510N, i get out quite well on 2 meter with 200 watts 100+ miles SSB, digital 4 to 600 miles with a bit tropo.
And that just with not even quite good tropo.
6 meters i use the OCF antenna 7 wavelengths long gets out fine 1500 miles with some tropo, waiting for summer to do some more.
Good luck with the squalo if conditions pop up you will do fine.

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