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New Galaxy DX98VHPVHP

Discussion in 'CB and Export Equipment and Accessories' started by NightThumper, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. NightThumper

    NightThumper Sr. Member

    Nov 8, 2017
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    Thanks to a fellow forum member I was able to recently secure a NEW Galaxy DX98VHP. After finding a suitable install location I added an Amp Switch to the back of the radio. A mini single pole/single throw switch spliced into the blue wire. After running this radio for several days it definitely is a LOUD TALKER using a Palomar SL-41 microphone.

    The results of my test are in pictures below. All test were performed into a Palstar DL2.5HP dummy load, Astron Power Supply set at 13.8 volts at 27.185 (channel 19). In addition the Mic Gain was turned OFF.

    In the pictures, the LP-700 monitor on the left and marked by the “input” sticker below is the INPUT. The LP-700 on the right is OUTPUT. There maybe a slight variance in readings between the two because of the various connections before reaching the OUTPUT Coupler.

    Of all the radios, the Lincoln II+ is the cleanest sounding and very loud with just a tinge of echo (using stock microphone). Mine doesn’t seem to have the volume or squelch issues that many are experiencing. The Lincoln drives the AL-82 to 1kw. The foot switch is seen on the floor.

    For flat out smoke blowing in your face LOUD the Galaxy DX99V2 and DX98VHP are the hands down winners.

    The Cobra 29LTD Classic (an original and tuned by LooseCannon) is very loud and drives the KL-703 to over 400 watts PEP. Everyone loves the sound of this radio.

    The only other additions will be a Low-Pass filter installed on the DX98VHP (RM Italy Low Pass Filter 27/586 (3-30Mhz) 500 Watts Max) and the addition of a four pill 2879C FatBoy amplifier.

    Each radio has their own separate monitoring speaker. Two Kenwood speakers, an old Motorola, and an Icom SP-41 that is used by the IC-7300 and DX99V2

    A three way Diamond CX-310 controls the IC-7300, DX98VHP and Lincoln II+. The Daiwa CS-201a controls the Cobra 29 and DX99V2. One antenna is the Colossal 10K 5/8 ground plane the other my modified MAX-2000…both at about 35 feet.

    All coax is genuine Times Microwave LMR-400-ultra flex or a few LMR-240 jumpers.

    For those who don’t like pictures…LOL here are the results:

    Amp Switch off Low Pwr dead key = 0.0 watts
    Amp Switch off High Pwr dead key = 2.0 watts
    Amp Switch off PEP= 35.4
    Amp Swith on Low Pwr dead key = 0.6 watts
    Amp Switch on High Pwr dead key = 31.4
    Amp Switch on PEP = 294

    Whisky-711 in the Steel City

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    #1 NightThumper, Jun 14, 2021
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2021

  2. Eldorado828

    Eldorado828 8-2-8 in the Lonestar State

    Feb 21, 2016
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    That sure is one nice and powerful station you're running there! Congrats on the 98vhp, those are some "BIG" radios, always recognize that audio when hearing them on the big road.
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  3. Echo 111

    Echo 111 New Member

    Sep 8, 2020
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    Hey Guys....l really enjoy mine if Im only using am...sideband is a bear ...my 2970 n2 solves this problem ...same amp deck and a 2950 pc board.......she drives my 6 pill hornet to 1k w/ eight watts..low power..
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