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New radio


Mar 3, 2014
I am thinking about getting the magnum s-3 350. What size power supply will i need to run it as a base station.

It comes with a 350-400 watt amp built in the radio. I was also thinking about the Galaxy DX 98VHP with also has a amp built in but its only a 200 watt built in amp.
It'll need one hell of a big one. My Kenwood TS480 running 200W draws 41A.

In regards to the difference between the 350W of the Magnum and the 200W of the Galaxy, it is half a S point to the receiving station. You have to decide whether all the cost and hassle of the extra power is worth it as you could be looking at replacing/redoing absolutely everything except the antenna. If there's any weaknesses at all especially in the antenna install, 350W will show it up.
Yes. It draws 45A. With the money you've saved not having to buy a humongous PSU for the Magnum and not having to replace all your coax, buy a beam :D

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