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Dec 2, 2018
The boy wanted his truck back so had to uninstall the radio and antenna and install in the f150. What a pain!
Didn't have the correct mount for the sirio so had to do a temp antenna till the new mount arrives later this week.

I like it! Looks good mounted up there.

I need to make a mount to put a 2m in that spot on my OBS F350 ... Can't seem to find anybody who makes one anymore.
Google is your friend:)
Google is your friend:)

I appreciate the help but that isn't for a 97 and I don't have a super duty. '97 and earlier the F450-F550's were labeled as super duties but all had the same cab/interior as the rest of the F-Series.

I have google searched, I have searched all over the interwebs for even custom made mounts. Currently I'm going to run a hump mount because I do not want to drill holes in the dash. I'm thinking eventually I might build a overhead console to mount things in. The headliner is trashed so it has to be redone.
Looks good! Sirio antenna with same mount I just got for my aluminum F150 lol they don't give us a lot of mounting options do they. (I stuck with the 3ft firestik and a spring on mine) but I must admit I am feeling some antenna envy.... I am digging how that Sirio looks. I MAY have rethink this....how did you adapt the Sirio to the Procom mount?


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