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Discussion in 'Interesting DX Contacts' started by BJ radionut, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. BJ radionut

    BJ radionut Supporting Member and 6m addict

    May 9, 2008
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    Time change from Daylight "STUPID" Time today, but Tropo Effect and Eskip opening on 6m and even 2mtr's this mornng...
    NW MINN...57 report
    FLA/53 report....St. Loius,MO/53 report...Pittsburg, PA/55 report....
    of course several OH...IND, and other locals very strong...
    Hrd stations in Gulf Coast FLA and West Coast side...
    But GOOD opening to Canada...VE9WGD/Daniel/New Brunswick was worked like 4 times at 59+ with his 100wts...over the course of like 2 hrs(y)
    Signals also strong from VE3's...
    Good RadioFun!:D
    Also hrd the guys on 2m SSB and Digi were having a good opening...
    Guess the opening for both bands started last evening and continued thru this mid-morning...
    There has been a couple good short openings late afternoon last couple days on 6m...
    Hope it's a trend as we move towards the Fall and Winter Solstice...
    All the Best
    GRIDS WRKD: EN26...EM48...EM90...EM89...EM80...EM70...EN90...FN57...FN25...and a few more:D

    There's VE9WGD/FN57 calling again working Midwest stations...still rocking the band at 15:36z...first contact with him was at 12:35z:LOL:
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  2. Tallman

    Tallman W9WDX Amateur Radio Member, KW4YJ EXTRA class

    May 1, 2013
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    2 meter SSB? I did not think any body did that.
  3. Blackcat630

    Blackcat630 Sr. Member

    Apr 2, 2013
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    And so it seems..unfortunately. I put up a 13b2 a little over a year ago and have confirmed about 10 states and a VE3..so far. I do work a lot of hours and have a young family so air time has been limited. Most guys I've worked will tell you of 20-40 yrs back when 2 meter ssb was much more active but has since died off.. Wish I would've jumped in years ago when I got my tech license. Not on 6 yet..but come spring we will be. Anyways, Good job BJ. Tropo is fun when it's there and it sounds like you took advantage of some. Hopefully we will work someday..let me know if you need EM59.
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  4. firerunner

    firerunner Active Member

    Oct 24, 2014
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    So is it only 2m ssb or does fm work also???
  5. Captain Kilowatt

    Captain Kilowatt Professional Amateur
    Staff Member

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Propagation affects all modes equally as it depends on frequency and not modulation method. that being said however it is the narrow bandwidth modes that will be able to be heard when the signals are very weak. FM will work but not nearly as effective as SSB or CW. Many years ago a fellow from Maine checked into our local repeater using a handheld during an exceptionally good opening. I had no 2m SSB gear at the time to have taken advantage of the opening.
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