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Now to post a pic in the chat room

Mark Malcomb

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Nov 27, 2019
Wow I must be getting old, I've tried every with no luck. I'm certain I will feel stupid if someone explains.
Thanks guys. The old lame guy! P.S. I have no problem inserting pics in a post.

Works best if you expand DX Chat into FULL SCREEN mode...

Locate the pic - and understand too - that many pics are PROTECTED and may or may not allow others to cross-share their works (Personal and Private versus Public)

So if you have the URL - the box you need is IMG command...


*.JPG, *.GIF and some others are allowed, but .BMP and .TIFF may not work.


Look for the PHOTO or IMAGE icon...

Click on it...
You'll see this on the "Chat Text Box"

Amplified/Magnified view...


Then post your text like you'd do with any chat text, and in moments it's should post.​
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Wow buddy, My head is spinning. I'm working now, I'll study this a bit later. Damn maybe
I dont want to post LOL :) Thanks
Andy gave good info...it can be tricky.
Picture must be web-based with URL...it will not let you upload from your hard drive, unless you move picture to "cloud" address.
Andy is also correct if picture has copyright from Getty/Pinrest ... etc. it just give you a big RED X...
All the Best
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Ok you guys are the best, I was trying to drop a pic from my desktop. Some the the electronic crap I'm working on now, Thanks guys

Actually, you can do that.
Go to the forum "test" area,
select any posted thread, and choose "reply" (or create a new thread).
then select "upload a file",
point it to any pic on your computer upload it to the forum.
then copy the URL it creates and paste it to the chat IMG box.
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On my phone i click "upload a file" then choose where that file is comimg from. Dont know anything about urls and copying addresses to post a pic. Sounds much more complicated.

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The Beacon is set to go off when you approach an IHOP?

Ok, now I know the Pilot Truckstop's are in trouble...

Now Arriving at Gate 12 - International House Of Pancakes... Flight #23

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